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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Timpani & Percussion

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MIT Symphony Orchestra

During my freshman and sophomore years at MIT I performed in MITSO, the MIT Symphony Orchestra. Having played timpani and percussion since middle school and performing a number of solos at the Wisconsin State Solo and Ensemble Competition, I decided to continue my music at experiences at MIT. The highlight of my playing experience so far has been MITSO's tour abroad to England. In the summer of 2002, the orchestra went to London, Cambridge, and Bath to perform. My favorite piece was the Mahler Symphony No. 1, which had two timpani parts. Two timpanists, seven timpani, the queen's golden jubilee...what more could you ask for?


Orchestra Timpani Repertoire

Bartok, Bela - The Miraculous Mandarin Suite, Op. 19 - MITSO F01-01*

Beethoven, Ludwig van, Op. 55 - Symphony No. 3 "Eroica" - MITSO F02-01

Berlioz, Hector Op. 9 - Ouverture Romischer Karneval - MITSO F02-02

Brahms, Johannes - Shicksalslied (Song of Destiny), Opus 54 - MITSO F01-02
Brahms, Johannes - Symphony No. 3 in F, Opus 90 - MITSO F01-02
Britten, Benjamin - Soirees Musicales, Suite of Movements from Rossini - MITSO F01-01*

Bruch, Max, Op. 26 - Violin Concerto in G Minor - MITSO F02-01

Chance, John Barnes - Variations on a Korean Folk - MITWE F02-01

Child, Peter - Jubal - MITSO F01-02

Copland, Aaron - Buckaroo Holiday - MITSO S02-01

Copland, Aaron - Hoe-Down from "Rodeo" - MITSO S02-01
Dallapiccola, Luigi - Piccola musica notturna - MITSO F02-01

Gandini, Gerardo - E Sara... - MITSO F01-01*

Ibert, J. - Concerto pour Flute - MITSO F02-02

Ives, Charles E. - Old Home Days - MITWE F02-01

Ives, Charles E. - Symphony No. 4 - MITSO S02-01

Mahler, Gustav - Symphonie No. 1 - MITSO S02-02

Martucci, Giuseppe - Notturno, Op. 70 No. 1 - MITSO F01-01*

Penderecki, Krzysztof - Concerto Per Viola et orchestra - MITSO S02-02

Reed, Alfred - Armenian Dances (Part I) - MITWE F02-01

Sanchez-Gutierrez, Carlos - Afterlight - MITSO S02-02

Shostakowitsch - Symphony No. 5 - MITSO F02-02

Sibelius, Jean - Violin Concerto in D minor, Opus 47- MITSO S02-01

Stravinsky, Igor - Fireworks, Op. 4 - MITSO F01-01

Verdi, Giuseppe - La Traviata - MITSO F01-01*

Williams, Ralph Vaughn - English Folk Song Suite - MITWE F02-1


Pit Repertoire

42nd Street - Roncalli High School, S01

Fantasticks, The - Roncalli High School, S00

Godspell - Roncalli High School, F00

Gondoliers, The - MITG&SP, S02

Gypsy - Roncalli High School, 99

Hello, Dolly! - Roncalli High School, S00


Timpani Solos

Sonata for three unaccompanied timpani - Phillip Ramey
Performed: Sophomore year of high school
This piece was my first attempt at a timpani solo.
Soundings - Douglas Igelsrud
Performed: Mvt. I, II - Junior year of high school
This piece was a little more challenging, and had some nice dynamics.
The Solo Timpanist - 26 Etudes - Vic Firth
Performed: Mvt. I, X - Senior year of high school
This great book was written by the master of timpani, Vic Firth, former Principal Timpanist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


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