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IBM Linux Network Server

The Machine

  • IBM Desktop Case 330 450 DX2
  • 80486 DX2 50mhz
  • 16Mb 50Mhz RAM
  • Quantum 270Mb Hard Drive
  • 1.44MB 3.5" Internal Floppy Drive
  • Best Data 56K ISA Fax/Modem
  • NE2000 Compatible 10BaseT Network Card
  • Cirrus Logic GC-54XX VGA Video Card with 1Mb VRAM
  • IBM Keyboard
  • IBM Mouse
  • Slackware Linux 7.0 (A, AP, N packages)

Is this system powerful?

Many people would think that a computer with these specs would be extremely slow. However, this system runs Slackware Linux 7.0. As opposed to Microsoft's large and slow Microsoft Windows, Linux is fast and small. I was able to install just the parts of Linux I needed (disk sets A, AP, and N) and still have room on the hard drive.

I intend to use this computer as an internet proxy server for my local network. I intend to allow web, e-mail, and ftp access from this server. Because of this, I didn't need to install a graphic user interface. Seeing that it is only text-mode, it is blazingly fast! This system also does not have a monitor, so the only way one can access this system is via Telnet. Hence, there is no reason to install a graphical user interface. In addition, a properly configured Linux system is stable and secure. This is important because this system will be connected to the internet and will need to be up for months on end. I would just love to see Microsoft Windows NT try to match the performance, stability, and security on such a configuration.

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